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  • Dark gray adhesive laminated felt roll

    Product introduction: Dark gray adhesive laminated felt roll is a common industrial tool, mostly made of wool, or cow hair or fiber, which is bonded by processing. The main feature is high elasticity, which can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, liner and elastic steel wire card clothing bottom felt. Applied to various industrial machinery – anti-vibration, oil lubrication, friction resistance and other industries

  • Green Floor Protective Film

    Product Introduction: PVC and Knitted Cotton. PVC can also effectively prevent the entry of liquid and dust, while knitted cotton can protect the floor from being scratched, so that the floor tiles can be better protected. It has the characteristics of high-efficiency anti-scratch, waterproof and anti-collision.

  • PE carpet protective film

    product introduction: PE carpet protective film is a plastic protective material based on polyethylene, with stairs and floor carpets as attachments. The viscosity is divided into ultra-low viscosity protective film, low viscosity protective film, medium Low-viscosity protective film, medium-viscosity protective film, high-viscosity protective film, ultra-high-viscosity protective film, most of them are transparent and blue.

  • White Adhesive Felt Roll

    Product Introduction: White Adhesive Felt Roll is a floor protection product that is laminated with PE film and non-woven polyester fiber, and coated on the back. It is used as a building material for outdoor, interior decoration, and decoration. Felt The roll can be pasted on the ground when it is opened in the forward direction, and it can be quickly laid out to prevent slipping in construction, protect carpets, stairs, floors, tiles, etc., from mechanical damage or pollution from overflowing paint stains.

  • Black PE protective film

    product introduction: PE black protective film is a high-performance PE protective film. The main material is PE. It has the advantages of softness and easy sticking, no adhesive residue after peeling off, and excellent air release. It is suitable for product surface protection. It can effectively prevent the loss caused by the product being polluted, scratched, damaged or stained with dust during production and transportation.

  • Black felt roll

    Product introduction: The black felt roll is one of the polyester felt series. It is made of polyester fiber, a protective material without lamination and coating. It is generally used as a cushion backing, which can prevent moisture, moth, and sound insulation.