Our Story

Hard Surface Protection

You can use it during your next event or project. Hard surface floor film is perfect for use during construction, parties, with pets, conferences and much more. plastic floor covering is a durable floor film that is both tear and puncture resistant. The hard surface floor protection can be left down for 45 days and installs easily with a self adhesive backing. 

Our Philosophy

Our Temporary Protection Materials are designed to prevent accidental damage and costly repairs to finished surfaces, fixtures and fittings. Helping you to deliver defect free projects, on time and without contractual disputes.

As a manufacturer, we recognise our corporate responsibility to reduce plastic waste. We are proud to have developed the first end-of-life ClosedLoop Remanufacturing Scheme for Temporary Protection materials.

Our Produce

Designed as a lightweight, recycled, multi-folded roll, our 500 gauge acts as a barrier against dust, so you can effectively protect equipment and furniture at risk of damage. It also works in harmony with our superior CleanScreen System to create a rapid dust free partition..

Protects newly laid flooring and allows it to breathe.