Black PE protective film

product introduction: PE black protective film is a high-performance PE protective film. The main material is PE. It has the advantages of softness and easy sticking, no adhesive residue after peeling off, and excellent air release. It is suitable for product surface protection. It can effectively prevent the loss caused by the product being polluted, scratched, damaged or stained with dust during production and transportation.



Product parameters:

Colour: Black

Viscosity: low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, extra high viscosity

Technology: Polyethylene film

Specifications: 50cm—100cm 100m—350m (can be customized)

made in China


Detailed Description: Due to the advantages of light weight, high strength, good transparency and gas barrier properties, non-toxic and tasteless, PE materials have been developed rapidly. The surface is anti-static, not easy to accumulate dust, not easy to be stained, and has special anti-reflection and glare functions, which can eliminate 98% of external ambient light and strong glare.


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