Black felt roll

Product introduction: The black felt roll is one of the polyester felt series. It is made of polyester fiber, a protective material without lamination and coating. It is generally used as a cushion backing, which can prevent moisture, moth, and sound insulation.



Product parameters: Specifications: 1m×10m, 1m×25m, 1m×50m, 65cm×25m, 65cm×50m (customizable)

Color: black, gray, dark gray

Technology: black polyester fiber cloth

Weight: 180g—320g

made in China



Detailed description: The felt roll has the characteristics of both softness and toughness, good fiber elasticity, comfortable touch, and good reducibility. Because wool felt products can quickly return to their original shape after being folded, and are not easily deformed. In addition, its fiber structure can be tightly entangled, and its strong and tough characteristics do not need to be processed through knitting, sewing, etc., and can be completely integrally formed.


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