Green Floor Protective Film

Product Introduction: PVC and Knitted Cotton. PVC can also effectively prevent the entry of liquid and dust, while knitted cotton can protect the floor from being scratched, so that the floor tiles can be better protected. It has the characteristics of high-efficiency anti-scratch, waterproof and anti-collision.



Product parameters:

Color: green, red, yellow (can be customized)

Technology: 1.PVC+knitted cotton, lamination process

  1. PVC+ pearl cotton, lamination process

Specifications: 1m×10m, 1m×25m, 1m×50m (can be customized)

Weight: 100g—300g

made in China


Detailed description: The green floor protective film is an environmentally friendly material, tasteless and non-irritating, and can be recycled 2-4 times. PVC can also print advertisements, and the company’s image logo name can be printed on it, which can also play a role in publicity. After the decoration, the decorative floor protective film is also beneficial to the cleaning work later, and the unnecessary things on it can be swept away directly, which is convenient and time-saving


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